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Decide on what vibe you attempt to project. As a general rule of thumb you don’t want to have more than three colors in your outfit. These should not be in the same amount; you should have a primary color, a secondary and a tertiary. The primary color should occupy the major part of your outfit and the tertiary should occupy the least. Use the right colors for your skin tone and coloration. Try different colors against your skin and learn which palettes look best on you. Complimentary colors are primary and secondary colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel.
Blue is complimentary to orange
Violet to yellow
Red to green

Your skin glows and you’ll look fresh and alert when you use the best colors for your skin type. The wrong colors may distort you skin tone, making you look tired and bring out discolorations and skin imperfections. Use and coordinate colors to your advantage such as looking taller or smaller.

Unite fashion with your coloring, body figure, personality and lifestyle. Attempt to unleash your greatest beauty potential with the five key elements of looking your best:
• Wear the right colors
• Complement your body figure
• Defining your personal style
• Build a solid wardrobe foundation
• Putting together outfits

The correct colors can make your skin glow and you’ll look fresh and alert. The wrong colors, on the other hand can make you look pale, tired and bring out discolorations and skin imperfections. Use and coordinate colors to your advantage such as looking taller. Why are people more relaxed in green rooms? Why do weightlifters do their best in blue gyms? Different cultures have various meaning for specific colors. In the U.S. researchers have conclude the following.


is the color of authority and power. It is classic and makes people appear thinner.


symbolizes innocence and purity that is the reason brides wear white. White is popular in decorating and in fashion because it is light, neutral and goes with everything. Doctors and nurses wear white to imply sterility and cleanliness. Remember white can soil easily.


is the most emotionally intense color. It stimulates a faster heart beat and breathing. It is the color of love. Red clothing gets noticed and makes the wearer appear heavier. Wear red if you want to project an image of being bigger than you are.


is the color of the sky and ocean and one of the most popular colors. It is peaceful, tranquil and causes the body to produce calming chemicals. Fashion consultants recommend wearing blue to job interviews because it symbolizes loyalty.


symbolizes nature. It is the easiest color on the eye and can improve vision. It is a calming and refreshing color. Dark green implies wealth because it the color of money.


is cheerful sunny and an attention getter. It is the most difficult color for the eye to take in. It can be overpowering if over used. Yellow is a brilliant color that represents the sun. It can send a subliminal message to the observer that you are upbeat with a sunny personality. Purple is the color of royalty and denotes luxury, wealth and sophistication. It is also feminine and romantic.


is the color of the earth and is abundant in nature. Light brown implies genuineness while dark brown is similar to wood or leather. It is a neutral color.


Many junior golfers feel left out and categorized by many within the golf community. However, things are changing and the focus on junior golf is becoming more and more apparent. Big brands are beginning to create special junior ranges and this epiphany has also changed the vision of junior golf apparel in the clothing industry. Numerous companies with insight and vision have welcomed junior golfers and realized the potential possibilities and profitability. With this evolution and shift for change, golf clubs are rolling out the red carpet to entice the millennial generation to join their organizations. This enlightened mentality has caused a transformation from the traditional management of the golf club into futuristic changes. This progression may be uniquely different to accommodate the millennial golfers. Many clubs are working with professionals and local golf unions to conceptualize dynamic and exclusive coaching groups to make their junior clubs more appealing. Why is there such a race to transform the old fashion, traditional golf clubs into something more inviting and alluring to the junior golfer? It is the overwhelming growth of youngsters playing golf today. The sport of golf is no longer the traditional sport of the wealthy, middle age or senior. The number of juniors playing golf today is huge and can be credited to the living legends and superstars of the modern game, Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, Ian Poulter, Rory Mcilroy, Jordan Speith, (just to name a few) and a plethora of others. This phenomenal increase in interest has made golf clubs stand up and recognize that they have to open doors to what is ultimately their future, making golf an even more magical and magnificent game. Golf clubs are fighting to get the hottest, most skilled and talented golfers to join their club, in an effort to reap the benefits of having a worldwide star as one of their members. The prestige that comes with this is an honor and can put a golf club on the map, assuring its place in the future of golf. Golfing juniors cling to hope with aspirations of following in the footsteps of their local club hero or shero. This dramatic developing change is no more apparent than in the clothing industry, with many clubs relaxing their strict dress codes that are no longer appropriate or fit into the standards of today’s fashion conscious youth. One of the razors cutting edge companies that wants to breathe fresh ideas and designs into the golf clothing market is Kissi Couture. With millennial insight and matchless creativity they are taking a bold giant step into the clothing market with their diva golf apparel. Kissi Couture is soon to become one of the leaders in the junior girl’s golf clothing industry. With Kissi Couture’s exceptional design ideas and product knowledge you will soon see thousands of young golfers walking the fairways fabulously glammed out in their stylish quality products. Kissi Couture has embarked on a mission to change the landscape of the greens, making every junior golfer a winning fashionista!


Sporting activities require appropriate apparel to ensure a comfortable feel and fit. These factors enhance a good performance. It is crucial to choose the right kind of sportswear and gear. This enables you to have a successful workout and practice. There are so many sports brands on the market offering a variety of different choices that may be misguiding and confusing. The Fabric: The material of the outfit should be given prime consideration. Look for materials that allow your skin to breathe, i.e. the kind of materials that are non-absorbent, don’t collect perspiration, and allow quick drying; keeping the skin dry and maintaining a cool temperature. This improves the comfort of your practice sessions and your workouts are less tiring. Fabrics containing polypropylene are very good. They are flexible and give you unrestricted mobility. Cotton outfits are good, also. They enable air flow and absorb sweat. They make for good underlying layers. It would be wise to evade plastic or rubber-based fabrics that block and trap body heat and sweat. The kind of exercise and sports activity determines the need for the type of outfit. A workout or cardio session would require outfits that are loose stretchable and keep your body dry and cool. Sports like swimming, scuba diving and surfing require fitted outfits made of materials such as-nylon, spandex or polyester that repel water. It would be wise to use outfits meant for specific sports. Gender golf apparel, tailored for female golfers may be used by women golf enthusiasts or pros. Weather and season may dictate what apparel is suitable. For warm summer outdoor sports, outfits that provide enough room for your body; allowing it to cool and dry off sweat should be used. It should also provide sufficient protection from the UV rays, preventing sun burn. Windy and rainy weather require additional external layers of water-proof clothing like nylon or polyester. Likewise in cold weather you will need a cotton layer underneath an outfit that insulates the body from additional cold. Clothing should be used to shield the body from cold and prevent loss of body heat. If indoors, loose fitting attire made with material that prohibits perspiration should be worn. Body type or size must be considered when choosing the outfit to complement the body. The outfit should be well-fitted and not hinder or influence movement. Junior girls’ golf apparel should be a comfortable and suitable fit.


Regardless if it’s branded or patterned clothing or any type of clothing today’s golfers have a certain style and x factor that transitions to the golf course. They want to portray a certain look. Whether it is Tiger Woods signature Nike branded clothing with his polo shirts and cap, Ian Poulter’s colorful slacks and cap combo or just about anything else that is allowed these days. The landscape of the greens is still evolving and continues its fashion evolution. However, it all started many hundreds of years ago when the sport was first invented. Golfers – both men and women – have typically adhered to the style that was the most popular at that time. From the 1700s to the end of the 1900s, the two main styles most evident on the golf courses around the world for both men and women were collared shirts and sweaters with plane trousers for men. Women wore both short and long skirts with a blouse. This style trend intensified towards the end of the 1800s when the sport was really becoming popular, particularly in the United States. Golf Clubs all over the country were filled with both professional and amateur golf fanatics. However, in the early 1900s, many women started having issues with their attire. The long skirts and blouses with long sleeves affected their ability to enjoy the sport and their performance. A famous designer from London, Thomas Burberry introduced some positive changes to women’s clothing in his store. He introduced special coats that had more flexible sleeved, and reintroduced skirts several inches off the ground when necessary. Designer cardigans was added to the blouse and skirt in the women’s line, following the start of the 20th century. A blouse, jacket, sweater and skirt were the typical attire for women for quite a while after that. Around the start of the 1920s and beyond, small changes were regularly made to men and women’s golf clothing. Sweater vest started becoming a trend that was quickly adopted. Many women also had the choice of switching to two – piece dresses, but they were relatively low-key compared to the later generations because they were very plain. One piece frocks were also a stylish alternative used by many women golfers at that time and they remained popular for over three decades. Big names such as Abercrombie & Fitch were coming out with fantastic designer one-piece dresses during the 1950’s and beyond, allowing greater choices for females of all ages. Women such as, Kathy Whitworth and Mickey Wright were examples of this creative ingenuity during the middle of the 20th century. The advancement of technology has provided better quality golf clothing and enhanced the golfer’s performance on the greens. Men’s golf clothing hasn’t seen as much progressive change as the women, but the stylish sophistication has made some transformation due to golf greats like, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player from the 1950s onward. This ongoing clothing evolution continues today with the aforementioned golf greats, Woods, Poulter and Daly, to name a few. Some golfers focus solely on performance and are relatively laid back in terms of their golfing outfits. However, there are those media-conscious golfers that want to make their outfits to speak for them, along with their clubs and golf balls. Golfers are now considered entertainers and clothing completes the package, projecting a certain image. Many sports clothing companies choose champion golfers to advertise their golf clothing line. During the last 300 years or so, since golf was first introduced in Scotland, trends have changed slowly from time to time and some players may put more emphasis on their clothing than their performance when they believe it matters. Nevertheless, golf has always maintained its classy and dignified demeanor, keeping the sport so enduring. The fashion choices made by the players are just a symbol of how much the sport has grown and continues to evolve.


With many professional golfers, both male and female, introducing their own clothing style to the public, the role of fashion within golf has taken on increased importance. With the rise of online magazines and the thousands of websites which are dedicated to golf, fans of the sport are starting to talk about what the players are wearing, just as much as the golf game. There is no discrimination in the conversation whether the player is a retired male or a junior female golfers. Many of the top female golfers started their golfing career at a very young age. For example, Lucy Li, an eleven year old girl from California, recently qualified for the US Women’s Open Championship and when Michelle Wei turned professional, she was just 15 years of age. Since females are more concerned and interested in clothing, what they wear on the course is heightened. They don’t need to be saddled with wondering what to put on for a tournament! A girl still wants to be fashionable on the golf course, of course! This is the problem that faced Makenna and Morgan Rodriguez, when they started out on their golfing adventure. Faced with the prospect of having to choose what was available in the local sports stores, the sisters realized, there was very little available for junior girl athletes. Furthermore, the small choices offered were either ill fitted or looked dull. Out of this dilemma, Kissi Couture was born. Every girl who has a desire to play golf, should be able to do so without sacrificing her fashionista style. Junior girls should be able to play golf and still look stylish and trendy. They want their golf hats, shirts, gloves, and etc. to still be comfortable, attractive and fashionable on the greens. Kissi Couture offers professionally designed golf tops that not only look great but enriches the playing experience and this is something the junior girls have been missing out on for some time. Well girls, this is about to change. Kissi Couture will give the next generation of young female golfer’s attire the ability to enjoy on and off the course. In the modern era, fashions and sports go hand in hand for female adults and this should be no different for junior girls.


Gone are the days when sports apparel was all about comfort only. The baggy, ill fitted apparel has been replaced with sleek, elegant stylish trendy clothing. Fashion continues to embrace the sport but embraces taste and era. Trendy sports apparel and accessories are getting increasingly popular and widely used. Sports clothing companies have embarked on a mission to create specific clothing for each particular sport. With this millennial insight and identification, the marketability, profitability and demand for this specialized clothing has increased substantially. As the demand for specialized clothing floods the market place designers have become attracted and are producing sports apparel with not only comfort and mobility but trend setting style. No longer are the athletes and sports enthusiasts seeking just quality gear and apparel to perform well but want to project a style statement. Consequently, a plethora of brands – international and local retailers are striving to meet the challenging expectations of the sports lovers. This evolving development of athleticism and style is changing the landscape of the golf course. Some designers only produce a line of clothing for a specific group or gender, and one of these companies is Kissi Couture. Kissi Couture has designed a line of golf outfits for the junior girl golfer. This signature apparel is best suited for a young female golfer and was created to consider the preferences and demands of the millennial generation’s taste. The desire to be a winning fashionista has developed into a symbiotic relationship with quality and style. Kissi Couture has conceptualized how to mesh this union and created an innovative style for the golf diva! Check out the Kissi Couture website at www.kissicouture.com.